Terms and Conditions



Access and Operating Times
Definition Description
Us/we/our Bellsoft Technologies Pty Ltd (ABN 47 130 643 613)
You/the client/the customer The entity or individual requesting our services
Service Request Requesting support via the Client Portal.
Business Hours 09:00-17:00 Mon to Fri AEST excluding NSW and National Public Holidays in Australia
Extended Hours 17:00-22:00 Mon to Fri AEST excluding NSW and National Public Holidays in Australia
After Hours Anytime outside Business Hours or Extended Hours

Fees & Charges

Fees & Charges

Below are the fees and charges for the common services, other services may be quoted seprately to the client and negotiated at the start of the project. Individual projects may incur additional or negotiated rates for the services.

Consulting / SEO services $154/hour
Website Design, Production, Development, and Support $132/Hour
Content Publishing, Hosting Support $110/Hour
IT Support & Maintenance $140/Hour
Remote Support $80/Hour
  • All Rates specified are for services performed during Business Hours.
  • Additional Hardware/ Software charges may incur and applied as required
  • Any requests for work to be performed during Extended Hours will be billed at 150% of the applicable rate.
  • Any requests for work to be performed during After Hours will be billed at 200% of the applicable rate.
  • All work is billed in 30min increments.
  • Additional parking charges may apply
  • All rates are EX GST


Invoices are issued electronically only to the client’s nominated email ID. Unpaid invoices may result in the associated service being suspended or cancelled. Services will only be activated once the payment is received.

See Payment section for more details.



Invoices are issued electronically only to the client’s nominated email ID. Unpaid invoices may result in the associated service being suspended or cancelled. Services will only be activated once the payment is received.

Invoices for the service cycles will be billed as per arrangement. All invoices are due in 7 days from the date of invoice.

We accept Bank Transfer, Cheques and Money Orders, PayPal and all major credit cards.

A late fee of 10% may be incurred for failure to remit payment for services on or before the due date. Failure to remit payment for three (3) consecutive days, including the due date, shall result in a termination of the service(s).

In case of Non Payment, All Customer data remaining after seven (7) days of non-payment will be destroyed for security and privacy reasons.

Cancellation of Services

You agree to a minimum contract term for services as specified by the chosen billing cycle, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. The contract for services is automatically renewed each renewal period in perpetuity, subject to receiving a formal cancellation request by the client.

If for any reasons you to wish to cancel any of your services Bellsoft Technologies requires a Cancellation Request.

Bellsoft may also Suspend or Cancel your services,  (temporarily or indefinitely) if you violate any of the Terms and Conditions. We may also terminate or suspend (temporarily or indefinitely) your service if instructed to do so by legal interception laws as instructed by the Commonwealth of Australia.



Email Support

You may also raise a support request by emailing your request to the appropriate area. You must use the email address we have on file in the so that we can verify your identify. If you send a request from another email address, your support may request may be put on-hold.

Phone Support

Phone support is available for some services at an extra cost or in cases where you are unable to raise a support request using the methods above, due to technical difficulties. You may raise a support request by calling 1300 553 374 during business hours. Our staff will raise a support request for you.

Web & Software Development

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Hosting Services

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Client/Customer agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, save and hold Bellsoft Technologies Pty Ltd harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable attorney’s fees asserted against Bellsoft Technologies, its agents, its customers, officers and employees, that may arise or result from any service provided or performed or agreed to be performed or any product sold by customer, its agents, employees or assigns. Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Bellsoft Technologies against liabilities arising out of;
(1) any injury to person or property caused by any products sold or otherwise distributed in connection with Bellsoft managed server;
(2) any material supplied by customer infringing or allegedly infringing on the proprietary rights of a third party;
(3) copyright infringement and
(4) any defective products sold to customer from Bellsoft managed server.

Legal Compliance

The client must abide by all applicable Local, NSW, Federal and International laws, treaties and regulations. Any violation of this provision may result in immediate termination of services, or with 30 days notice depending on the severity of the violation at the discretion of Bellsoft Technologies.

Limitation of Liability

Bellsoft Technologies does not warrant to the client that the client will receive continual and uninterrupted services during the Term of this agreement. In no event shall Bellsoft Technologies be liable to the Client for damages resulting from or in relation to any failure or delay of Bellsoft Technologies to provide services under this Agreement if such delays or failures are due to circumstances beyond our control. Such a failure or delay shall not constitute a default under this agreement.

Bellsoft Technologies, its directors, agents or employees will not be liable in any way for any form of loss or damage of any nature whatsoever suffered, whether arising directly or indirectly, by the Client or any person related to or dealing with the client out of, in connection with or reasonably incidental to the provision of the services by Bellsoft Technologies to the Client.

Disclaimer of Warranties

While Bellsoft Technologies uses all reasonable care in providing the Service, Bellsoft Technologies shall not have any liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage resulting from the provision of the Service, errors or omission in information provided in relation to the service.

In case where Bellsoft has provided/ supplied equipment/ systems; Bellsoft is not responsible for any untoward data loss/ interruption to the services/ disruption of network or systems due to the failure of hardware/software. Bellsoft also cannot be held responsible for the ‘User’ managed/ User installed software or changes to the environment that may affect the performance and or changes in the environment.

Bellsoft Technologies liability in the event of failure to provide adequate service shall not extend beyond the cost of providing a comparable service.

Web & IT Services


Bellsoft Technologies provide the following services

  • Website Development – Corporate/ Personal/ Small to Enterprise business websites
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation services
  • SEM -Search Engine Marketing Services including Adwords
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Organic SEO
  • Online Website analysis
  • Magento eCommerce Websites and Hosting
  • WooCommerce eCommerce Websites and Hosting
  • WordPress Websites
  • VPASP – ASP eCommerce Websites and Hosting
  • Hosting services
  • Domain Name services
  • DNS Hosting services
  • Email Hosting Services
  • CRM development and integration services
  • WEB Infrastructure maintenance
  • Content Data Network CDN services
  • Web/ eCommerce site security

IT Services

  • Server and Desktop Maintenance Services
  • Mobile devices including Laptops
  • Corporate and Business Network installation, support & maintenance
  • Software installation & support services
  • Hardware installation & support services
  • Hardware/ Software security
  • Online and Desktop/ Mobile device security
  • Backup and Data storage
  • Productivity & Collaboration
  • Software & Business Applications